• Identify opportunities for revenue growth and market share expansion
  • Determine factors that are jeopardizing the health of a business, or have the potential to do so in the future
  • Identify and validate the things that the company is already doing to win and look for additional ways to leverage and expand this momentum

Provincial Development Group offers a comprehensive Business Discovery Analysis, which is foundational to the shared success they have enjoyed with their clients since the firm was started back in 2004. As an outside entity, they are able to take an impartial 360-degree view of a company, which enables them to see vital, and sometimes subtle, aspects about a business that people inside the company often struggle to recognize.

The Discovery Analysis is the first step of engagement with virtually all of their clients. If a client chooses to engage with the Provincial Development Group beyond this stage, the revelations gleaned from this analysis become the central theme in determining exactly how the client would like to partner with them and exactly what their role and scope is.  This allows everyone to get clear on Who, What, Where, When and Why.

One of the most coveted and appreciated compliments that the Provincial Development Group receives from business owners and executives is a sincere and sobering thank you for telling them what they needed to hear, not just what they wanted to hear, about their companies. This feedback is received with a tremendous sense of responsibility and satisfaction.

The Following Items Represent a Sample Overview of the Types of Things That are Explored and Evaluated:

  • Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • Business Plans / Strategic Directives
  • Leadership
  • Alignment
  • Key Metrics
  • Communication – Internal & External
  • Financial Health