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The term Interim Executive may be new to you. This phrase is not exactly common business vernacular, but the concept is very simple to understand. An Interim Executive is a proven leader who assists companies in accomplishing their goals, helps them to solve problems, and brings a wealth of experience to a client company through an innovative, highly flexible, results-oriented business relationship.

The context for this type of position fits nicely between a traditional consultant or advisor role and that of a full-time, traditional W-2 Executive. There are many situations where a consultant, advisor or business coach is the right fit. In fact, it is not uncommon for the firm to refer someone like this into a company. However, there are times when a company needs more than just advice; they need an experienced executive who understand business and knows how to couple that knowledge into the delivery of tangible results.

Our Firm Offers Interim Executive Services for the Following Types of Roles:

  • CEO
  • President
  • Chief Business Development Officer
  • VP of Sales & Marketing

Although these titles can be helpful to illustrate the level of talent and ability that the firm can bring to your company, Provincial Development Group is not hung up on titles. Their focus is on fit and the assurance that the talent and results that are desired by their prospective clients can be achieved. The model is fundamentally designed to achieve shared success.

Blain Wease can frequently be heard telling clients that he has failed them if he creates a long-term dependency on him. The goal is to get things right, ensure they are sustainable, and then put a clear plan in place to enable the internal team to carry on with whatever has been created.

Client Feedback about our Work

Blain helped our company form a leadership team and create a business plan that we believe will help Storage Systems reach our goals.

Bill Kreager | President | Storage Systems

Sampling of Clients that have benefited from our Interim Executives

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