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  • Maximize Valuations
  • Growth Strategies
  • Transition Strategies
  • Generational Transfers

Whether a company’s ownership plans to retain their stake and bring in new leadership to handle the day-to-day operations, or is looking to pass the torch to a family member or sell the company outright, navigating the perilous waters of an ownership or leadership transition can be daunting.

We assist companies to map out the specific bench marks of the transition, ensuring that the customer base and business development elements are secure throughout the journey, maximizing market readiness, and positioning the company to achieve a legacy, not just a change. Our desire is for the most favorable outcome for your company’s transition, which includes maximizing valuations, revenue growth continuity, as well as transition strategies to guide you through this important change.

Transitions are a process, not an event, so we offer an objective third-party perspective, whether directly involved in preparing for due diligence, mapping out the transfer plans, or simply providing guidance throughout the different stages.

The Following Items Represent a Sample Overview of the Types of Things That are Explored and Evaluated:

  • Leadership
  • Business Development (Strategy)
  • Sales & Marketing (Tactics)
  • Communication & Expectations
  • Customer / Client Impact
  • Key External Relationships
  • Revenue Forecasting