Primary Topics

  • Leadership: It’s Not Optional
  • Business Development & Revenue Growth
  • Good Business: A Force for Cultural Good
  • Productivity: The Time of Your Life
  • The Intersection of Faith & Business

Blain Wease draws on more than two decades of business experience to present an authentic and relevant message. His straightforward, interactive style is engaging, informative and inspirational. He is able to present complex ideas in ways that are both understandable and actionable. Having built relationships within over 5,000 companies, his exposure to different business sectors, leadership styles and strategies provides a rich base of perspective to talk about what works, what doesn’t work and the fundamentals behind both. If just one person leaves a session changed and motivated to improve, he considers his presentation to be a success. Blain has presented at International Conferences, Corporate Summits, Community Events and Rotary Clubs, from coast to coast.

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“Blain is an excellent presenter, which is key for our CompTIA Channel Training that integrates a significant amount of group discussion into the course content. Participants have noted that the discussion is often where they learn the most, and Blain’s ability to effectively pull discussion out of his participants helps make our event.”

Lein-Anh Van Wagener | Senior Director of Events & Education | CompTIA

Sampling of Organizations that Blain has Spoken For