“I have known Blain for several years and have had the pleasure to get to know him through both professional and personal interactions. Blain exemplifies a business leader with a comprehensive knowledge, dedication and commitment to those he serves with an attitude of integrity and servant leadership. He was profoundly instrumental in assisting my company and I during a very difficult period of transition. I have the utmost respect for Blain and admire his ability to manage, guide, motivate, analyze and strategize through creativity, resourcefulness and discipline, particularly with grace and vision. I unequivocally recommend Blain and Provincial Development Group, Inc. as a seasoned and expert member of your leadership team as well as a wise and experienced confidant.”

Mercedes Jones | Managing Partner| Affinity Group


“Blain’s strategy of serving clients begins with a thorough understanding of their business. He invested the necessary time with our leadership team, staff and agents. I found that his approach positioned him with essential insights that equipped him with a perspective I needed to hear. In my experience, I have not come across a better approach and I believe this kind of input is the real data that a leader must have, to know where and how to take their businesses forward.”

Timothy Sinks | Managing Partner | Capital Financial Group, LLC


“Blain helped our company form a leadership team and create a business plan that we believe will help Storage Systems reach our goals.”

Bill Kreager | President | Storage Systems Unlimited


“I was directionless and didn’t even realize it. Going through the discovery and implementation process with Blain has been one of the most transformative experiences in my career as a business owner. I have come to see my company, staff, mission, and vision in a whole new light. It is as though a fog has been lifted, and my spirit and energy have been renewed. Blain brings clarity, intuition, and wisdom to the table.”

Christopher Walters | Vice President | William Morris Group


“I have enjoyed working with Blain. He has been critical in facilitating branding within my law firm, and has provided good business advice, insight and motivation to keep us moving forward.”

Robert Pautienus | Managing Partner | Fidelis Law Firm


“Our firm, Software Computer Group, engaged with Blain Wease from Provincial Development Group during a pivotal transition point in our company’s 32-year history. Mr. Wease was instrumental in helping us navigate that season at a fundamental level, his ability to not just listen, but comprehend and then formulate an actionable plan has been significant. I can state with confidence that we received tremendous value for the resources we invested.”

Robert P. Evans | President | SWCG inc


“It is my pleasure to recommend Blain Wease.  Blain is very knowledgeable and thinks outside the box when it comes to helping his clients re-think how to best grow their business, both internally and externally.  He is very kind and considerate, making it very easy to discuss any problems you may be facing in your business, and makes you feel confident that together we will devise a plan to make great things happen.”

Debbie Hylander | Managing Director | Hylander CPA Firm


“It is my pleasure to recommend Blain as he provided business consultation, restructuring, training and management for a company that I was associated with in the Nashville area. I was extremely impressed with his business and industry knowledge, his professionalism, business practices and overall skills, and strong work ethic. Blain has amazing leadership style and an unsurpassed commitment to enhancing the success of the companies he works with. I would recommend his services to any company looking to grow their revenue or make positive changes within their organization.”

Julie Arnold | Loan Officer | Highlands Residential Mortgage


“What I love about Blain is that he takes a holistic approach to solving problems. He takes the time to sit down with each stakeholder to understand not only the business, but also how he or she is linked to their purpose within the business. He is committed to the success of the company he is working with, and does so by understanding the market in which they compete. I enjoyed my time working with Blain and would recommend him to any company looking to grow their business and team members.”

Josh Nunnally | COO | LaserOne


“My work with Blain was truly an eye-opener. It confirmed some of the growing concerns and opportunities I was vaguely aware of, and showed me many more that turned out to be vital to our future. I was impressed with his perception, especially in picking up the nuances and specifics in the Aviation industry so quickly. He helped me see not only the places where improvement was needed, but also helped me see the potential reach and impact of our business. If you are looking for an honest professional to help you move to the next level, I highly recommend Blain and his team at the Provincial Development Group.”

Chris Findley | Director of Aircraft Sales | Corporate Flight Management, Inc


We contracted with Blain to grow revenue in our company, but as we progressed we realized that growing revenue would hurt us more than help. What we actually needed was help with the structure of our company as well as coaching through some necessary personnel changes which has served us extremely well.

Tim Leeper | CEO | Tim Leeper Roofing


Blain’s extensive business knowledge and experience were evident from the first meeting. We started the process with Blain with the goal to formulate a sound growth strategy for the company, but after his thorough analysis and discovery process, we came away with much more than we anticipated. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Adam Sinks | Co-Founder | Full Circle Disposal


Blain Wease is extremely professional and is especially talented in thinking outside the box to drum up revenue!

Phyllis Shelton | Vice President | Rhoades Car International


As an entrepreneur who founded and built my own firm over a period of many years, I have always relied on the counsel and wisdom of partners to help us see things in a different way. In you Blain I found a partner who shares our deeply held institutional values centered around quality, integrity, and spirituality. You have a deep and abiding understanding of our corporate culture. When dealing with “change,” ownership of the culture is key. Your insight is grounded in our shared principles, which makes change possible and not detrimental.The bottom line is: I trust you with the ability to assist us to prosper with visionary ideas that you help us formulate and carry out. I look forward to many more years of working together.

William H. Morris, Jr. | President | William Morris Group


“Blain helped our company form a leadership team and create a business plan that we believe will help Storage Systems reach our goals.”

Bill Kreager | President | Storage Systems Unlimited


“Blain has many exceptional skills. He is able to listen well, discern opportunities, ask great questions, and get to the “core” issues that make the difference in your business. I engaged Blain and within a short period of time I was able to double my top line revenues.”

David Jaworski | CEO | Provident Ventures


“Blain has been an excellent resource in helping us identify areas in our business needing development.  His responsiveness to our questions and investment in helping us reach our goals has made working with him a great benefit.”

Nicholas M. Tidwell | Partner | Fidelis Law Firm


“Blain has the unique ability to harvest the most essential data from any conversation, and present the best solution in a format that is so easy to incorporate. His gift will make him a valuable member to your team.”

Brent D. Turner | Principal | Simplicity Benefits


“It is my pleasure to recommend Blain Wease. In the past, I have been hesitant to employ a marketing consultant, but I immediately felt at ease with Blain. I was not only impressed with his knowledge and integrity, but with his ability to connect and to forge a trust that has proven to be well placed. He has helped me to move my business to the next level with his sage advice, understanding of the market, and business strategy. He is more than capable in countless areas, and any businessperson would do well to entrust their company to him if they are interested in quality growth and capitalizing on their strengths.”

Carol Dodgen | President | Dodgen Security

“Blain led a sales planning process for the leadership team of our new venture. His knowledge and practical application of strategies to position our technology and expertise helped us set a clear go-to-market direction.”

Kerry Hart | CEO | QEC Partners

“As a growing firm with multiple revenue opportunities, we partnered with Blain and Provincial Development Group to help our firm formulate and implement our strategic plan for serving clients with premium innovation and service. His commitment to understand our business and consult with our team has been a key part of our success this year.”

Mitch Anderson | President | E Financial Alliance 

“Blain’s personal and sincere approach goes beyond what we could have expected, from someone in his role. He met with both myself and my team to help identify the gaps between where we were and where we wanted to be. His recommendations to close the gaps were well thought out and clearly articulated. With Blain’s guidance, we were able to implement necessary organizational shifts to increase efficiency and profitability.”

John Prather | Managing Partner | Capital Financial Advisors