Marketplace Sentiment

"I’ve gotten to know Blain during the past couple years. I have a ton of respect for him both personally and professionally. His team at Provincial Development Group fulfills a very specific need in our industry. As a coach, marketer, and business development professional in financial services for more than 20 years, I know first hand that independent advisors and RIAs lack much of the infrastructure and processes necessary for growth. What good is establishing revenue goals if you don’t have the team and processes necessary to fulfill? Blain and his team guide firm leadership through the processes and executable tasks necessary to create a scalable business. They’re the experts and I have no reservation making the referral. Trust Provincial Development Group to set your firm up for success for today and for years and decades to come."

"Blain Wease is a hard worker, great relationship builder and person of integrity. In addition, he has a heart for helping people, whether working with them to improve their business or simply connecting people for their own benefit. Plus, he really knows his stuff."

"I met Blain a few years ago and was impressed from the beginning with his knowledge on many topics and his ability to get things done. I believe he would add value to any organization."

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Blain Wease several years ago as he spent time with my key team members and I. We found Blain to be empathetic, insightful and discerning; abilities he uses to make a positive impact on the leaders and businesses he serves."

"Blain Wease is one of the most professional and respected leadership coaches I know. He asks more questions than he answers, getting to root causes and issues … and he understands his clients deeply before he makes recommendations.  I  recommend Blain to my clients without hesitation."

"Blain Wease is the embodiment of congruency among his thoughts, words and actions. A rare trait indeed, especially in business. When speaking with him, you get the feeling he is totally present and in the moment absorbing every word. He oozes honesty, integrity and straightforwardness. Blain is a winner because he strives to bring out the winner in all of us – and he’s happy to oblige."

"After meeting Blain Wease and learning more about Provincial Development Group, Inc., I felt he was a good fit for one of my companies that needed guidance on creating a new culture and preparing for growth. Blain led a thoughtful, well-executed process involving all of the stakeholders, and this company is now poised to not only grow, but to do it in a strategically planned manner with the right people in place."

"I have known Blain for several years and have had the pleasure to get to know him through both professional and personal interactions. Blain exemplifies a business leader with a comprehensive knowledge, dedication and commitment to those he serves with an attitude of integrity and servant leadership. He was profoundly instrumental in assisting my company and I during a very difficult period of transition. I have the utmost respect for Blain, and admire his ability to manage, guide, motivate, analyze and strategize through creativity, resourcefulness and discipline, particularly with grace and vision. I unequivocally recommend Blain and Provincial Development Group, Inc. as a seasoned and expert member of your consultant team, as well as a wise and experienced confidante."

"Blain is a creative problem solver who has a proven track record of success. He can be called upon to think through and resolve a variety of business challenges. He can have a powerfully positive impact in any organization, big or small."

"Blain is an excellent resource for me to call on when I need his knowledge and expertise in working with my clients. I believe one of Blain’s greatest strengths is in his ability to see the big picture of a company’s situation, note the strengths and weaknesses, and then lay out a plan to enhance those strengths and eliminate the weak spots. I recommend Blain highly."

"Blain has been a fantastic resource to us as we strive to help our business owners meet their long-term financial planning goals. He has also helped us shape and grow our own practice."

"Blain Wease is a trusted business consultant that puts the needs of his clients first. He has a very consultative approach and is able to identify improvement areas for his clients. I trust Blain and refer him every chance I can to others that are in need of help in their business."

"Blain is a very solid business person and an even more solid citizen. He has a great track record of helping CEOs and business owners make a difference in their companies and in the lives of the people who work there. I highly recommend Blain Wease."

"Often what executives of Wealth Management Firms are missing is an outsider's view that brings fresh perspective.  Sometimes small adjustments can foster better internal alignment, greater consistency in service delivery and new business opportunities. The Provincial Development Team has a unique ability to incorporate multiple facets of business — leadership, culture, and operational integrity — into a single lens that helps leaders target healthy growth."