How Provincial Development Group Scaled Their Firm with Daylite



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Provincial Development Group was founded in 2004 by Blain Wease. For almost two decades, they’ve been helping wealth management firms across the United States and Canada to scale their business, and achieve sustainable growth.

The Challenge
By 2007, Provincial Development Group had grown their client list as well as their team. It was getting tricky to keep track of communication with clients and make sure they were following through on every action item.

As a company that had always worked virtually, this proposed another challenge for Blain and his team. They didn’t have the luxury of walking over to each other’s desk to ask what work had been done for a client. Information was scattered across various apps and folders which made it difficult to share information and stay updated on client communication.

A must-have for Blain and his team was also the ability to keep track of relationships between clients and people in their network.

The Solution
After hearing about Daylite through a client who was also Mac based, Blain was impressed by how this client had implemented GTD and was using Daylite to support this initiative.

After implementing Daylite, Provincial Development Group was able to keep track of communication with clients, stay on top of action items, and scale their business without worrying about details slipping through the cracks.

Transparency of client information
By using Daylite, Blain and his team are able to have full transparency over communication with clients. Everyone is able to easily link emails to client records, and log phone calls as well as action items, so nothing gets missed.

Getting new business
Most of Provincial Development Group’s clients come through referrals and strategic relationships with people in their industry. To make sure they have a steady flow of new leads coming in, they have a rhythm of touch points they want to make for each audience. Using Daylite, they can tag their contacts as “Advisor”, “Referral Partner”, or “Speaking Presentation Opportunity”, then filter them into lists and build a rhythm for regular touch points to nurture those relationships.

Scaling the business
As Provincial Development Group grows, Daylite allows them to streamline their processes as they scale. Whether they’re adding on one new team member, or twenty, Blain knows that by having all their client communication and next steps in Daylite, they don’t have to worry about things slipping through the cracks as they scale.

Another reason Provincial Development Group has stuck with Daylite for so long is because of the customer service.