Kathryn Costello joins Provincial Development Group as Director of Digital & Design



Nashville, TN – Provincial Development Group is grateful for the addition of Boston-based Kathryn Costello to our firm. She will be leading our brand, design, and digital services. Drawing on a wealth of experience and an impressive creative track record, Kathryn brings a fresh perspective and dynamic integration to our clients and our firm.

Kathryn’s professional portfolio is built upon an authentic approach to branding, marketing, and visual messaging. With more than a quarter century of experience, she has spearheaded projects that include the creation of new brands, rebranding, extensive website development, marketing content, photography, and the coordination of all aspects of a client’s visual spectrum.

“Over the last 10 years, I have worked collaboratively on several internal and client-based projects with Kathryn, she is a delight to interact with and cares deeply about the impact of her work”, stated Blain Wease, Provincial Development Group President.

As an extension of her design projects, she is a gifted photographer, capturing the imagery of her clients, their environments, and their brand messaging in a captivating visual format. She has an extensive body of work within the social media and digital marketing space. As a visual artist and award-winning photographer, she brings a more connected approach to her work, enabling her to create a more compelling deliverable for clients.

“I am thrilled to be working with Provincial Development Group again. I have worked closely with Blain in the past to develop the PDG website, corporate branding, and event photos. I find their vision and work ethic closely aligned with my own and I’m excited to be part of this team,” Kathryn states.

Please join us in welcoming Kathryn to our team.

Media Contact: Rose Kline info@blainw1.sg-host.com

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