Appearances & Interviews

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Middle Tennessee FPA Symposium Presentation

On September 19th, Blain Wease will present "An Integrated Approach to Growth” at the Middle Tennessee Financial Planning Association Annual Symposium. The presentation focuses on adopting an integrated mindset and approach to growth, enabling wealth management firms to optimize their growth potential and effectively engage their target audience, while enhancing their overall brand expression.

“Swift Chat” with Marie Swift & Blain Wease

In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Blain Wease, President of Provincial Development Group, LLC, about what makes Provincial different in their approach to helping wealth management firms implement solutions. Working with RIAs and Broker/Dealers, Blain shares how Provincial's comprehensive system improves the health of firms. Blain and Marie discuss leadership, key metrics, and insights on meeting goals by optimizing opportunity.

Developing a Relational Mindset to Create Stronger Connections with Clients, Prospects and COIs

PDG-ROL Advisor Webinar Promo 9-19-22 Learn from the high-demand perspectives of ROL Advisor co-founders, Steve Sanduski, CFP®, and Mitch Anthony, in this relationship-centered discussion with Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group. The three panelists discuss how stronger connections with clients, prospects, and COIs (Centers of Influence) are some of the many benefits of developing a relational mindset. Their "big goal" is to Transform the Way the World Plans™.

Insights on the Power of Video Marketing with Katie Braden, CFP®

June 2022 - Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group, and Katie Braden, CFP®, of Advisor Video Marketing (previously known as Innovating Advice) share an enlightening conversation on the incredible power of video to communicate with clients, prospects, and circle of influence (COI) relationships. Katie shares that video is the “next best thing to being in person,” offering robust value in immediate differentiation and credibility.

An Integrated Approach to Growth: HIFON Members Webinar with Shaun Kapusinski

March 2022 - In this exclusive webinar for HIFON members, Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group shares with Shaun Kapusinski some time-proven principles for wealth management firms that are interested in scaling their success. Blain explains the importance of standardized processes, consistent and differentiated messaging, and making business “investments” in the form of working with professionals.

Grow Your Firm in Any Season: Social Advisors and Provincial Development Group Joint Webinar

January 2022 - Charlie Van Derven, of Social Advisors, and Blain Wease, of Provincial Development Group, team up to offer insight on growing a wealth management firm in any season. Watch this joint webinar to learn the fundamentals, strategy, and messaging firms can implement to help them feel more in control of their business’s success, and less at the will of the stock market.

Balance & Clarity Seminar at Dr. Travis Parry’s Balanced Advisor Live Event

January 2022 - If your wealth management firm feels unbalanced with no clear direction, you’re not alone. Fortunately, balance is possible. Learn from Blain Wease of Provincial Development and Dr. Deborah Watts of Hayde & Company as they discuss balance for advisors at Dr. Travis Parry’s Balanced Advisor Live Event. In a business where time never feels bountiful enough, Blain and Deborah share real ways advisors can create balance in their lives.

Proudmouth Top Advisor Marketing Podcast: Episode 336 with Blain Wease

December 2021 - The podcasting experts at Proudmouth feature Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group as a special guest on Episode 336 of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast. Join Blain and Matt Halloran, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcasting Expert,” in this audio experience as they discuss leading, scaling, and growing wealth management firms.

Effectiveness, Scale, and Growth: ROL Learning Hour Webinar with Blain Wease

October 2021 - Effective growth isn’t always an easy process for wealth management firms. Learn from industry expert Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group with his exclusive webinar, How to Transform Your Advisory Practice by Leading More Effectively, Building Scale and Realizing Sustainable Growth. This presentation is a part of ROL Advisor's Learning Hour, a webinar series available to its members.

Balanced Advisor Podcast: Episode 7 with Blain Wease & Dr. Travis Parry

October 2021 - Blain Wease of Provincial Development Group visits the Balanced Advisor Podcast, hosted by Dr. Travis Parry, as a special guest on Episode 7. They explore solutions that better equip advisors and wealth management firms for success in leadership and business management. Dr. Parry's podcast addresses the unique challenges of the wealth management industry in the quest for a healthy work-life balance.