Our Thinking

We want our clients and our potential clients to understand our thinking, in the same way that we want to understand their thinking about their firm, their clients and their work as a whole. Author and speaker Simon Senik talks about how the best clients believe similar things to the people that are helping them, and our experience has proven this to be true for our professional relationships.

Here are a few key examples of the way we think about our working relationships with clients, the Wealth Management sector, and the impact that a good advisor can have on the people's lives they serve.

  1. The best working relationships never lose sight of the fact that the relationship is at the heart of everything that happens.
  2. The skill sets needed to be a great advisor are very different than the skill sets required to be an effective leader that operates and grows a business.
  3. A high-quality advisor has a relationship with their clients, not their client’s money. The implications of this statement are instrumental in how the firm interacts with their clients, on many levels.
  4. A firm’s clients have a connection with their money and money matters that is unlike any other connection in that person’s life. Because of this, there is a sacredness to the advisor / client relationship, if the advisor has fostered the right type of connection with their clients.
  5. A strategically integrated approach is one of the greatest assets that a firm can operate from, easy to say, but difficult to accomplish. The same can be said of a holistic, integrated approach to financial planning.
  6. Differentiation is one of the greatest challenges of the sector, because, on the surface, many firms appear to be the same. Ethical creativity is one of the greatest assets to help overcome this obstacle, and this is exactly what we help our clients achieve.
  7. A proactive approach to looking out for your client’s best interests is a powerful way to separate your advisors within the competitive landscape, many firms talk about it, but very few deliver on this consistently, over time.
  8. We focus on addressing root causes, rather than just the outcomes arising from root causes. Admittedly it is generally more complex and challenging work that typically takes more time, but it is the only thing that enables lasting results.
  9. We are in the transformation business, as opposed to a transactional manner of engaging with clients. We measure success through the lenses of long-term, positive change, that is not dependent on our team being present.

"Often what executives of Wealth Management Firms are missing is an outsider's view that brings fresh perspective.  Sometimes small adjustments can foster better internal alignment, greater consistency in service delivery and new business opportunities. The Provincial Development Team has a unique ability to incorporate multiple facets of business — leadership, culture, and operational integrity — into a single lens that helps leaders target healthy growth."

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