Our Distinctive Model

A Non-Consulting Approach

Our firm has pioneered an entirely different approach to helping our clients achieve the results they desire. We describe this approach as Executional Leadership, in contrast to the traditional options available to Wealth Management Firms in the marketplace, such as consultants, coaches, advisors, etc.

Our core motivation for creating a different approach to help our clients is summed up in one simple word: EXECUTION. Our north star is not centered around the sharing of information, data, or facts, with our clients, but rather it is summed up in the process of helping our clients Get Things Done.

The video above is the best resource to explain why we do what we do, how we engage with our clients and the distinct results that we have been able to help our clients generate.

If you’re interested in exploring how our distinctive approach can benefit your firm, we offer a complimentary call to learn more about your objectives. Contact us at info@blainw1.sg-host.com to arrange a time for us to speak.

Blain has the unique ability to harvest the most essential data from any conversation, and present the best solution in a format that is so easy to incorporate. His gift will make him a valuable member to your team.”