Client Testimonials

Our firm wanted an objective, third party to review all our business practices and structure, as we gear-up for meaningful growth and additional hires.  I asked around and was connected to Blain and Provincial Development Group through a trusted source.  From our first meeting, it was obvious that Blain and his team truly know the financial services industry, and what it takes to create a successful, growth-oriented firm.  Once retained, PDG quickly identified key areas needing improvement to achieve our stated goals, and provided clear insights and specific, prioritized, step-by-step recommendations to help us reach them.  Making meaningful changes to a business can frequently create some stresses and strains, and we were no exception.  However, PDG has developed a clear and concise roadmap for making these changes, which has made the process far less daunting than it otherwise might be.  This has resulted in increased buy-in and support from our entire team.  Thanks to Blain and his firm, we can already envision how much better our firm will be once these changes are completed.

Provincial Development Group’s work was instrumental in transforming a $500M plus Advisor firm from an owner-centric model to a complete client-centric business, fully in alignment with Schwab’s Guiding Principles. The advisor in question is a strong Schwab partner and has participated in numerous consulting and technology engagements. We achieved some relative success, but often our implementation stalled. Blain was able to identify and break through personnel and business challenges to develop functional roles at all levels, transforming the firm’s culture and results. Following Blain’s assignment with the IA, we have kept in touch and I see how his services can complement our consulting work. Specifically, when hard conversations (i.e., succession, legacy process/beliefs, defiant/disruptive staff, entitlement) need to happen and we are hesitant to overstep or jeopardize our business relationship.

We worked with Blain to help us reassess our firm’s existing services, goals and objectives, to develop a strategic plan that aligned us with our mission, vision and values. Blain was an outstanding advocate for the vision and future of our firm. He kept our client’s best interests and needs at the forefront, through the development of a framework that delivers world class services. Blain’s commitment to our firm, hard work and relational skills with our team, resulted in valuable communication, bringing a level of agreement and engagement that moved us beyond barriers to our desired outcome. Blain’s outstanding ability to communicate and articulate the outcome of our strategic plan, aligned us on a path of implementation to provide enhanced services to our existing clients and position us for significant growth.