Client Testimonials

“Provincial Development Group has an unprecedented process that helps teams navigate the intricacies of aligning their collective purpose, mission, and vision. Their impeccable patience and open dialogue approach promotes collaboration and manifests a positive outcome for everyone involved.”

Sarah A. Clark | Financial Planner | Clark Financial Planning

“Blain’s strategy of serving clients begins with a thorough understanding of their business. He invested the necessary time with our leadership team, staff, and agents. I found that his approach positioned him with essential insights that equipped him with a perspective that I needed to hear. In my experience, I have not come across a better approach and I believe this kind of input is the real data that a leader must have, to know where and how to take their businesses forward.”

Timothy Sinks | Managing Partner | Nashville, TN | Capital Financial Group, LLC

Andrew-2023-1“At first, I was skeptical of bringing in a firm from the outside, especially to the degree that Provincial Development Group engages. However, after considering how much conviction our regional CEO has about the experience they had with the Provincial Development Group team, I figured it would be worth a listen. Hoping to walk away with one or two little “gems” we could implement in our practice, I never expected to fully engage with Provincial Development Group. After several months of working with them, I am floored with how much they have helped us restructure, optimize and transform our business! To say we are thankful we moved forward, would be a gross understatement…we can’t wait to see where we end up after seeing this process through to completion and can’t recommend Blain and Provincial Development Group enough to any Wealth Management firm sincerely seeking transformation.”

Andrew Sedora | Senior Financial Advisor | Lancaster, PA | Liberty Financial Strategies

“Our firm wanted an objective, third party to review all our business practices and structure, as we gear-up for meaningful growth and additional hires. I asked around and was connected to Blain and Provincial Development Group through a trusted source. From our first meeting, it was obvious that Blain and his team truly know the financial services industry, and what it takes to create a successful, growth-oriented firm. Once retained, PDG quickly identified key areas needing improvement to achieve our stated goals, and provided clear insights and specific, prioritized, step-by-step recommendations to help us reach them. Making meaningful changes to a business can frequently create some stresses and strains, and we were no exception. However, PDG has developed a clear and concise roadmap for making these changes, which has made the process far less daunting than it otherwise might be. This has resulted in increased buy-in and support from our entire team. Thanks to Blain and his firm, we can already envision how much better our firm will be once these changes are completed.”

“Our work with Provincial Development Group allowed us to gain enormous focus and clarity in our firm. Their ability to lead us in creating Mission and Vision Statements, along with stated Core Values, created a lens through which we can view all of our work with our clients (advisors). The projects that our team worked on with them were essential in defining and refining critical roles and processes.”

Melissa Yerger | Chief Operating Officer | Mechanicsburg, PA | uFinancial

Wes-2023“After advisors survive the first 5-10 years in the Wealth Management sector, there is limited support about how to transition an advisor-centric practice into a real business, when most of your time is consumed with day-to-day matters related to serving clients. Provincial Development Group provides tools and implementation to help transform a practice into an actual firm, that can grow beyond an advisor’s, or a team of advisors’, typical capabilities. Thankfully, their approach is not just “here are the suggestions, now it’s up to you to implement them”, they provide a hands-on approach so you can continue working while restructuring the business.”

Wes Carr | Senior Financial Advisor | Lancaster, PA | Liberty Financial Strategies

“I was directionless and didn’t even realize it. Going through the discovery and implementation process with Blain has been one of the most transformative experiences in my career as a business owner. I have come to see my company, staff, mission, and vision in a whole new light. It is as though a fog has been lifted, and my spirit and energy have been renewed. Blain brings clarity, intuition, and wisdom to the table.”

Christopher Walters | Senior Financial Advisor | Jackson, MS | William Morris Group

Tracy McHale

“The team at Provincial Development Group helps firms have the conversations you don’t know need to happen but turn out to be vital for progress to be realized. They work closely with clients, while providing the tools to make them more productive, interactive, engaging, and transformative.”

Tracy McHale | Chief Operating Officer | State College, PA | Wienken Wealth Management

“Blain and the entire Provincial Development team provided great insight without any discernible judgment in the direction that we choose to pursue. They ask great questions in strategic and unique ways, that empowers us to truly answer our own questions with clarity and confidence. As Advisors, we all tend to spend much time in the business, but little time, reflecting on the business. In the end, Blain and his team helped us find alignment in our business, providing more happiness and satisfaction.”

Brent George | Senior Financial Advisor | MechanicsburgPA | Summit Pointe Advisors

“As a growing firm with multiple revenue opportunities, we partnered with Blain and Provincial Development Group to help our firm formulate and implement our strategic plan for serving clients with premium innovation and service. His commitment to understand our business and consult with our team has been a key part of our success this year.”

Mitch Anderson | Senior Financial Advisor | Franklin, TN | E|Financial Alliance

“Working with Provincial Development Group vastly improved our team operations. Their process challenged our team to evaluate our practice, identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to help increase efficiency and quality. Throughout the process we received professional support, guidance and implementation that in turn allowed our team to better respond to client needs in a more positive and sustainable manner.”

Amanda Grindley | Director of Client Services | State College, PA | Wienken Wealth Management

 “When we began working with Provincial Development Group, our firm was in the midst of rapid growth and a lot of change. With their guidance, we were able to restructure our internal operations to equip our group with the mentality and capacity required to create a smooth-running business. As a part of the process, we had roundtables about redefining and clarifying our vision and mission, creating a positive and desirable team culture, rebranding, and numerous other fundamental topics that became pivotal to our future. Provincial Development Group provided a great foundation to ensure we have all the components to achieve our goals and our long-term objectives.”

Amy Kramer | Chief Operating Officer | Mechanicsburg, PA | The Snook Group

“The partnership with Provincial Development Group started with a thorough Discovery process, which was followed by a proposed implementation plan that addressed weaknesses in our processes and hinderances to our consistent growth. After evaluating our team and operations, and fine tuning our approach, they have helped us bring clarity as to why we exist as a financial planning firm. They literally gave us the tools to create a partial “makeover” of our firm and were committed to their successful deployment. Our entire team has had a hand in our transformation by participating in the various steps facilitated. They also coordinated our modified succession plan, enabling the future success of our brand. We believe we are becoming a financial services firm that operates at the top of our game and has a scalable roadmap to serve our clients with excellence. Our team highly recommends Provincial Development Group to any Wealth Management Firm that desires to function at an elite level within the industry.”

John Ruzza | Senior Financial Advisor & Founder | Kalamazoo, MI | MainStreet Financial Advisors

“Blain’s personal and sincere approach goes beyond what we could have expected from someone in his role. He met with both myself and my team to help identify the gaps between where we were and where we wanted to be. His recommendations to close the gaps were well thought out and clearly articulated. With Blain’s guidance, we were able to implement necessary organizational shifts to increase efficiency and profitability.”

John Prather | Senior Financial Advisor | Memphis, TN | LongView Planning

“Blain has the unique ability to harvest the most essential data from any conversation, and present the best solution in a format that is so easy to incorporate. His gift will make him a valuable member to your team.”

Brent D. Turner | Senior Financial Advisor | Nashville, TN | Brent Turner Advisors

“As an entrepreneur who founded and built my own firm over a period of many years, I have always relied on the counsel and wisdom of partners to help us see things in a different way. In you Blain I found a partner who shares our deeply held institutional values centered around quality, integrity, and spirituality. You have a deep and abiding understanding of our corporate culture. When dealing with “change,” ownership of the culture is key. Your insight is grounded in our shared principles, which makes change possible and not detrimental.The bottom line is: I trust you with the ability to assist us to prosper with visionary ideas that you help us formulate and carry out. I look forward to many more years of working together.”

“When undertaking something as important as strategic planning, it’s incredibly hard for firm leadership to extract itself from the proverbial weeds and look beyond the day to day bonfires that consume way too much focus. Without fail, Blain and his team at Provincial Development ask the right questions at the very beginning of any exploration, questions which inevitably steer us in directions that we would never have taken otherwise, and that keep our eyes on the long game. Simply put, their counsel and perspectives are invaluable…”

Patrick Haynes | Chief Strategy Officer | Memphis, TN | Capital Financial Group

“It is my pleasure to recommend Blain Wease. Blain is very knowledgeable and thinks outside the box when it comes to helping his clients re-think how to best grow their business, both internally and externally. He is very kind and considerate, making it very easy to discuss any problems you may be facing in your business, and makes you feel confident that together we will devise a plan to make great things happen.

Debbie Hylander | Managing Director | Collierville, TN | Hylander CPA Firm