Enhanced Discovery

Our proven Discovery process has been refined for more than 15 years. It serves as the cornerstone of our client services pathway. When our clients have engaged with other outside firms in the past, it is common to hear that they were unsure about exactly what they could expect, what the process would look like, and what kind of results they would see.

The reason we always get started with our Discovery is the objective opportunity that it provides us to evaluate what is actually taking place within the firm. Because we have the advantage of being an objective third party, with no conflict of interest, we are able to evaluate the overall health of the firm, in much the same way a physical is utilized at a doctor’s office. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to identify the areas of the firm that will help them capture new opportunities to make meaningful progress, while simultaneously move past barriers of success and ceilings of complexity.

At the conclusion of the Discovery, we make a series of recommendations, that include both strategic and practical priorities, to enable the leadership team to make meaningful progress towards their goals and vision. If the firm engages Provincial Development Group to be a part of the Engagement phase, the recommendations provide a clear road map about how we move forward and how the prime concerns are identified, in a prioritized manner.


“Blain’s strategy of serving clients begins with a thorough understanding of their business. He invested the necessary time with our leadership team, staff, and agents. I found that his approach positioned him with essential insights that equipped him with a perspective that I needed to hear. In my experience, I have not come across a better approach and I believe this kind of input is the real data that a leader must have, to know where and how to take their businesses forward.”

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