Effective leadership is the single-most influential aspect of a firm’s health and is foundational to every dimension of the business. We work closely with the leader(s) to help them lead effectively, transform their leadership approach, and position them for success.

Our work with leaders of Wealth Management Firms is not centered around academic exercises. We work through the following process to help equip our clients to lead and inspire their firm effectively, so their progress is tangible and meaningful on a day to day basis.


Our experience has taught us the reality - that just because someone founded a firm and is a talented client advisor, does not make them an effective CEO. The skills required to be an advisor, are very different than the skills that enable someone to run a business.

  1. Clarify the specific role of leadership, and explore what needs to be in place for success in this role to be possible and define exactly what success looks like for them.
  2. Assess key areas of leadership application. Here are a few examples we look at: communication of vision, structure of meetings, overall communication, development of the team, integration of the firm strategy, delegation, and time allocated to work on the business, not just in the business.
  3. Implement a leadership development plan by coming up with a specific plan to help the leader become more effective in each aspect of their role that they are looking to improve.
  4. Establish clear metrics to measure progress against.
  5. Create a delegation strategy to help create scale, and help the leader focus on the areas that are uniquely in line with their giftings.