We work with leader(s) to develop an effective strategic plan that is relevant to the firm; then equally importantly, we assist with the systematic implementation of the strategy, with clear timelines, milestones, and benchmarks.

Our firm has developed a strategic planning process that addresses the following components:

  1. Identity – who is your firm collectively and how do you stay true to your identity
  2. Core Motivation – the collective “why” behind how your firm functions
  3. Vision – what does it look like when your firm is functioning exactly like you’re aspiring to have it function
  4. Client Offerings – clearly defining exactly what you offer clients and who receives what service
  5. Differentiation – what makes your firm uniquely better and how do you communicate this value & impact to the marketplace
  6. Application – the only real long term value of a strategic plan, is how much it shapes the day to day decisions and behavior of the firm

At the conclusion of the planning process, we develop a deployment plan. The deployment plan identifies every related project and task that brings the strategic plan to life.