The Signatry’s Evan Lange Interviews Provincial Development’s Blain Wease



Nashville, TN – President of Provincial Development Group, Blain Wease, was recently interviewed by Evan Lange for The Signatry’s blog and newsletter for Wealth Advisors.

The two enjoyed an in-depth conversation about options for advisors to assist their clients that value generosity, and are seeking ways to support non-profits. This led to an exploration about how a focus on giving can enhance a Wealth Management Firm’s overall client services and experience.

As a professional services firm that works with the Wealth Management sector, Provincial Development Group is pleased to be a part of this opportunity, to provide advisors with content focused on improving their relationships with their clients.

View interview here:

About Provincial Development Group
Provincial Development Group serves Wealth Management Firms by equipping their leaders to lead more effectively, build scale and realize sustainable growth. Our holistic approach enables us to identify and resolve root causes that impede transformative progress. We help our clients achieve meaningful results through an engaged and dynamic collaboration, that transcends the traditional parameters of consulting. The foundation of our effectiveness hinges upon high-trust client relationships. This enables us to communicate what our clients need to hear, rather than the confines of only what they want to hear. Our north star of success is to serve the best interests of our clients.

About The Signatry
Established in 2000, The Signatry is a global community and ministry dedicated to creating eternal impact through generosity across generations. Since our founding, we have facilitated more than $3 billion in transformational grants for nonprofits around the world.

As a donor advised fund sponsor, The Signatry administers the accounts through which people give. Through innovative charitable strategies with donor advised funds and complex assets, we empower donors, advisors, and ministries to maximize resources to fulfill their roles in expanding the Kingdom.