Veteran Financial Services Executive Misty Zuhlke Joins Provincial Development Group



Nashville Tennessee – Provincial Development Group, LLC is pleased to announce that veteran financial services executive, Misty Zuhlke, has joined the team as a Client Relationship Executive.

The addition of Misty will significantly enhance the client services offerings of the firm and enable the firm to add capacity, in order to keep pace with the explosive growth the firm has experienced over the last several years. Incorporating Misty’s unique perspective and impressive amount of experience in the Wealth Management sector, will provide much-needed bandwidth for Provincial Development Group.

“I am thrilled to join Provincial Development Group as a Client Relationship Executive. This opportunity brings my thirty-year career in the world of financial services full circle by allowing me to help the people that are foundational to the industry transform their businesses”, Misty states.

Misty’s professional experience over the last three decades includes practice management, human resources, compliance and several other meaningful aspects of the sector. Her aptitude for strategic thinking and communication, combined with proven executional skills, offers clients a tremendous amount of value.

President of Provincial Development Group, Blain Wease, offered his perspective on Misty’s impact; “she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team, but most importantly, Misty aligns with our values centric, service-minded approach to client relationships.”

In her role, Misty will be working with Wealth Management teams across the nation, helping them address aspects of their firms in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Team & Culture, Client Services and Growth & Brand.

Media Contact: Rose Kline

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